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Validate Yourself as an Artist

✋ No institution, establishment, people or person should dictate what you already know exists within yourself.

Learning to value your own opinion is absolutely crucial.

The search for validation, is drilled into us at a very young age. The adults in our life judge our behavior, evaluate it, and correct it.

Teachers tell us how good we are at different things and this becomes part of our identity.

My self-worth has been wrapped up entirely in what others think of me.

There are certain fears surrounding this..

  • the fear to speak up for myself

  • rejection

  • being shut down

  • humiliated

  • being isolated

  • standing alone.

  • losing people in my life.

“If someone rejects you for your truth, do you want them in your life?.” No

The scarcity mindset and belief that acceptance and approval MUST be aggressively held on to, keeps us locked in a unhealthy cycle

Seeking to please others often leads to a diluting of the self, to the point of being unsure of oneself at all

I decided that my well-being is MORE important than maintaining a peaceful relationship with others and a mediocre life

Valuing and trusting my feelings enough to step away from people, decreases the amount of importance I place on the perspectives of others as opposed to my own.

Iv needed to find ways to care more about my own opinion and less about those of everyone else.

Heres a few ways that have helped so far..

1. Ask for the opinions of others LESS often

2. Voice feelings directly without backpedaling

3. Initiate hard conversations and accept all potential outcomes

What is accepted, approved, and valid changes constantly.

We all have that craving to be seen heard and accepted — but on whose terms?

Who’s setting the standard?

To whom are we looking for validation? 

We put so much work, love and parts of ourselves into our creative work.

We want to know that we belong, we want our work to resonate with people, so we look to other people to tell us that they have seen us.


If you feel you arent being fully recognised, seen, acknowledged and heard by others, my question to you is, do you fully recognise and acknowledge yourself?

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